Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 Tractor Mod FS22

Overview of Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 for FS22

Looking to customize your tractor or simply want to have an option that is not the traditional red-on-red of the original Zetor? Look no further than the Zetor Crystal HD170 v1.1 for FS22, which includes a choice of colors and an additional MP-Lift front loader console.

The latest version of the Zetor Crystal HD includes some great improvements. You can now enjoy a better playing experience with a shifter that accommodates 3 groups and 5 gears. Enjoy error-free and warning-free gameplay with the Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 for FS22.

If you are a farming enthusiast or just looking for an exciting experience with Farming Simulator 22, then the Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 is the perfect addition to your collection.

Features of Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 for FS22:

  • Customizable color options
  • Additional MP-Lift front loader console
  • Improved gear shift with 3 groups and 5 gears
  • Error and warning-free

If you are looking forward to adding an exciting tractor mod to Farming Simulator 22, then Zetor Crystal HD v1.1 is the ultimate choice.


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