Xtreme Claas Pack v1.1 FS22 Tractor Mod

The Claas machinery that fans love is now even better in this Farming Simulator 22 mod. Powered with extra power, speed, and performance that is beyond expectations.

What’s New in Version

This updated version features improved features such as the fixed Lexion 8900X that was not previously available in the store. Additionally, Diamant 12X and Helianthus 12000X Headers, Jaguar 960TTX Forage Harvester, DirectDisc500X, Orbis 750X, Orbis 950X and PickUp 300X Forage Headers, Quadrant 5300X and Rollant 455X Uniwrap Balers have been added.

The store items included in this mod pack are of high quality and feature double the lifespan for durability. The pricing is realistic, and the 3D models are of the highest quality for configuration. The mod pack also has realistic Power/Torque Curves, Gear Ratios, and Speeds to enhance the overall gaming experience.

The various tractors now feature increased speed and power which include the following:

  • Arion 660X
  • Axion 870X
  • Axion 960X
  • Axion 960TTX
  • Scorpion 1033X
  • Jaguar 960TTX

The DirectDisc 500X, Orbis 750X, Orbis 950X, and PickUp 300X Forage Headers offer a speed of 15 MPH / 25 KPH. While ConvioFlex 1380X, CorioFlex 1275CX, Diamant 12X, and Helianthus 12000X Headers have a speed of 16 MPH / 25 KPH.

For harvesting, the mod pack offers the Lexion 8900X and Dominator 108SLX. Largely increased in speed and capacity, these harvesters come with a 25,000 Liter Capacity and Doubled Unload Speed.

Other equipment includes the C510X, Quadrant 5300X, Rollant 455X Uniwrap, Cargos 9500X, and Carat 140TDX. Lastly, upcoming features that will be available include more Harvesters, Headers, and Loaders, Foraging Harvesters and Foraging Headers, Mowing, and Baling Equipment.

Credits: Falkkor Schnibbl GIANTS.