Wielton Bulk Master v1.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The Wielton Bulk Master v1.0 is an excellent addition to Farming Simulator 22’s trailers. It is a combination of a truck and a dolly, making it extremely versatile. With a capacity of 62000L and a price of 85000.00€, it offers great value to farmers looking to optimize their transportation process. The WIELTON brand has a reputation for quality and reliability, making this trailer a great investment for any farm.

The Wielton Bulk Master v1.0 has a visually appealing design and is compatible with the Farming Simulator 22 game. It’s perfect for farmers who manage large-scale farms and need a trailer that can efficiently transport large quantities of goods.

The Wielton Bulk Master v1.0 FS22 mod was created by SD_Modding, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication to creating such a useful and impressive trailer mod for Farming Simulator 22 players.

If you’re interested in expanding your Farming Simulator 22 trailer collection, the Wielton Bulk Master v1.0 is definitely worth considering. Its high capacity, quality design, and affordable price make it a great choice for any farmer.