What is the best crop for making money in FS22

Farming Simulator 22 impeccably depicts even the minutest intricacies of the diverse range of activities involved in agriculture.

The practice of animal husbandry, forestry, agriculture, and establishing fully developed production chains provides you with complete authority over your land, enabling you to utilize it as you deem fit. Nevertheless, to fully realize the potential of these opportunities, significant capital investment is necessary. It’s often said that you must speculate to accumulate.

Farming Simulator 22 is comparable to its predecessor, Farming Simulator 19, with the added benefit of enhanced intricacy, additional gameplay options, and more diverse crop selections. Our primary focus will be the latter aspect. In this article, we will highlight the most profitable crops to cultivate, while ensuring that the process is straightforward and realistic.

Which Farming Simulator 22 crops bring the most profit?

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Farming Simulator 22 offers a diverse range of 14 main crop types, including Barley, Wheat, Oats, Sorghum, Canola, Sugarcane, Berries, Cotton, Corn, Sugar Beets, Sunflowers, Potatoes, and Soybeans. The prices for each crop are dynamic, and constantly fluctuate over time, so there is no set value for the cheapest or the most expensive crop. However, Goldcrest Valley consistently offers the best prices for certain crops such as olives, soybeans, and wheat. Access to this location requires an additional investment to obtain a train, but it can be worth it if you strategically time your harvest and sales for the most profitable outcome.

To optimize your profits, here are the crops that are known to generate the biggest stack of money:

Wheat is a reliable choice for generating profits, as it yields 3,029 liters of wheat and 12,497 liters of straw. It’s best planted between September and October, and harvested between July and August.

Barley is another excellent cash crop, with a potential harvest of up to 3,268 liters, even more than wheat. Planting and harvesting occur between June and July.

Oats are also a solid choice, yielding up to 1,940 liters and 12,500 liters of straw. Planting and harvesting occur during the same season.

Canola is a profitable crop, producing a yield of 1,974 liters. However, it requires a long time to mature, and should be planted in August or September, and harvested almost a year later in July or August.

Corn is a recommended cash crop, offering a respectable yield of 3,132 liters.

Sunflowers, while less common, can still bring in profits, with a maximum yield of 1,770 liters.

Soybean’s maximum harvest is 1,532 liters, which is slightly lower than in previous versions of the game.

Potatoes are a solid option with a significant yield of 13,642 liters, a considerable increase from the previous version of the game.

Sugar beets are another profitable root crop, with a yield of 19,412 liters.

Sorghum is a new crop in Farming Simulator 22, with an average yield of 2,787 liters.

Olives can be a seriously profitable choice, with a respectable yield of 2,987 liters.

Cotton offers a smaller yield of 1,674 liters, but the value of the crop can vary due to the game’s adjustments.

Grapes offer a unique option with a maximum yield of 3,091 liters and good prices.

Sugarcane can be a challenge to harvest, but it offers a great cash crop with a maximum yield of 16,942.