Western Canada Seasonal Growth V2.0 Season Mod FS22

Get ready for a more realistic farming experience in Western Canada with the new and improved Western Canada Seasonal Growth V2.0 FS22 mod. This mod adds a new level of realism to the growth of crops that promises to take your gaming experience to the next level.

What’s New in Version 2.0?

Version 2.0 of the mod brings exciting new features that enhance the gameplay experience. Players can now engage in fall planting, which means that when you plant wheat, barley, or canola in September or October, you can harvest the following year in August through October. For those who prefer late planting, harvest is available in September and October if you plant in November. The mod also features Sorghum planting in October, which allows for harvesting the following September and October.

Spring planting for corn has been extended by an extra month, and modifications have been made to the harvest time for other crops, ensuring that the gameplay experience remains varied. The initial state of the crops has also been changed, meaning that if the crop can be harvested in August, it will be ready for harvesting. All crops have been tested to ensure that they can be harvested when they are spring or fall planted, and everything looks good. Grapes, olives, poplar, grass, and radish remain untouched by the mod.

The AI doesn’t plant every field in year 2, but the crops still follow the proper planting and harvest cycles, ensuring that your farming experience remains realistic and engaging.


This mod was developed by Jinxed.