Wellblechunterstaende v1.0 Object Mod FS22

If you are looking for new farm shelters to add to your FS22, why not try Wellblechunterstaende v1.0? These four shelters are former LS19 placeable objects that have been updated for the latest Farming Simulator.

Constructed using old wooden slats for the frame and supported with sturdy steel girders, each shelter is covered with a rusted metal plate or corrugated iron sheet. The result is a weather-resistant structure that will keep your farming equipment and supplies safe from the elements.

To ensure you can easily access your shelter day or night, all units come equipped with standard Ls22 lighting. Each shelter costs 4500 euros, a small price to pay for peace of mind and proper equipment and supply storage.

Useful for any farm, these Wellblechunterstaende v1.0 shelters are a must-have addition to your FS22 map.