VehicleControlAddon v1.0 Tractor Mod FS22

The VehicleControlAddon v1.0 FS22 is a mod for tractors in the Farming Simulator 22 game. However, it is important to note that this is a developer version, which means that there may be errors, bugs, unfinished code, and mistakes present. Users who wish to install this should take this into consideration and remember to report any issues they may encounter with the mod.

If you encounter any issues, it is recommended that you provide as many details as possible, such as the version number, the vehicles being used, the intended action, and posting the log to Gist or PasteBin.

The latest version of this mod has renamed the ‘Snap direction’ to ‘lane guidance’. It also features several key-bindings for left or right reverse guidance lane, such as LCtrl+W, LCtrl+LAlt+W (which detects the width and offset of attached implements), LAlt+W (to disable the lane guidance), LCtrl+A / LCtrl+D (which shift the vehicle by one lane to the left or right), LAlt+A / LAlt+D (which allow you to switch to the left or right reverse lane without the need to deactivate lane guidance for the turn), LCtrl+S (which reactivates the last guidance lane).

In multiplayer games, only the master user or administrator can make changes to the global settings using the key combination LCtrl+LAlt+C. It is also worth noting that any changes made to the global settings are saved in the savegame file and modSettings/vehicleControlAddon.xml.

The motivation behind creating this mod was to provide players with an improved gaming experience. The mod is particularly useful for players who use a keyboard instead of a steering wheel and often find themselves struggling on winding roads or getting stuck in ditches or power poles.


The VehicleControlAddon v1.0 was developed by Stefan Biedenstein.