Vehicle shelter v1.0 Building Mod FS22

If you’re a farming simulator 22 player, you might be interested in this new building mod – the Vehicle Shelter v1.0. This shelter is designed to protect your farming vehicles from the elements and any damages they might sustain.

Features of the Vehicle Shelter v1.0 FS22 Mod

The Vehicle Shelter v1.0 is perfect for players who want to keep their farming vehicles safe and secure. The shelter can be easily placed anywhere on your farm and costs €30,000 in the shop. This is a great investment for players who care about the longevity of their vehicles and want to keep them in top condition for a longer time.


We’re grateful to the following individuals for making the Vehicle Shelter v1.0 Mod possible:

  • Modell: ChaosAndre
  • Textur: ChaosAndre
  • Idee / Konzept: ChaosAndre
  • Tester: ChaosAndre