Valtra N Series v1.0 Tractor Mod FS22

The Valtra N Series v1.0 tractor mod for FS22 is now available. It is a powerful and versatile tractor that is perfect for any farming operation. This mod is easy to use and comes with many great features that make farming much easier.

Valtra N Series V1.0 for FS22

The Valtra N Series v1.0 for FS22 has a price tag of €121,000, which is a reasonable cost for a tractor of this caliber. It boasts a maximum speed of 50km/h and has a power of 145 horsepower. It also has various configurations available such as a front charger, LED lights, and Kuhn/Zunhammer terminals, making it a customizable tractor suitable for different farming needs.

This mod was created by lucagri38, a skilled developer who put in a lot of time and effort to make it a reality. The mod is easy to install and use, allowing farmers to quickly integrate it into their existing farming routines.

Overall, the Valtra N Series v1.0 tractor mod for FS22 is a must-have for any farming operation. It is a reliable, powerful, and versatile tractor that makes farming easier and more efficient.

Credits: lucagri38