Ursus Pack v1.0 Tractor Mod FS22

The Ursus Pack v1.0 is now available for players of Farming Simulator 22. The package includes a range of Ursus tractors, such as the Ursus 6cyl 4 x 4, Ursus 4cyl 4 x 4, Ursus 1634, and Ursus 1934. With the bugs fixed and new configurations added, players can have an improved and smoother experience with the Ursus tractors in FS22.

The Ursus 6cyl and 4cyl tractors have been created by Karas and converted from FS19 to FS22 by Krzaczo. The Ursus 1634 has had its bugs corrected and new configurations added, while the Ursus 1934 now comes with modified rim colors.

It is important to note that credits go to Karas, the main author of the Ursus 6cyl and 4cyl for FS19, and Krzaczo, the converter to FS22. Enjoy the game with the Ursus Pack v1.0.