Unia Storage v1.0 FS22 Object Mod

The Unia Storage v1.0 FS22 mod adds a versatile silo and container to the game that small-scale farmers in particular will find useful. With this mod, you can take full advantage of the new in-game augers!

Multiple Crops Storage

The silo component can store multiple crop types simultaneously, similar to other silos. On the other hand, the container can be filled with only one crop at a time, adding an extra layer of realism to the gameplay.

The invisibility trigger is located at the hatch with the yellow sticker. Here, you can purchase all the standard silo crops along with several other items like seeds, fertilizer, pig food, lime, TMR, salt, and mineral feed. You can browse through the shop categories of silo or container to find them.

It is priced at 16000$, has a daily upkeep of 10$, and can hold up to 27300 liters of storage. However, you require an auger to load and unload the crops from it.

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