Toyota Landcruiser j 70 GXL 4.5L V8 v4.1 Car Mod FS22

This article introduces the Toyota Landcruiser j 70 GXL 4.5L V8 – V4 car mod for Farming Simulator 22. This version of the Toyota Landcruiser offers a range of new configurations and features that will enhance your farming experience.

The mod includes a right-hand drive interior with dash lights, dynamic suspension, gear shift animation with H and L, metallic options for wheels, bullbars, and main color, folding sides and back for tray, pilot vehicle, mower signage, beacon lights, ARB Spot lights, and an attachment node for Exleys winch mod on the front.

Our team has put effort into making this mod fully convertible and introducing additional configurations to it. We hope that it will take your farming experience to the next level and you will enjoy using it in Farming Simulator 22.

Credits for this mod go to the talented team at Tork Modding and MdkMods.