Towing Chain v1.0 Tractor Mod FS22

If you’re looking for a mod that allows you to tow vehicles using a towing chain, then Towing Chain v1.0 FS22 is perfect for you. This mod even lets you mount a towing hook to vehicles that don’t have an attacher so you can attach the towing chain to the hook instead.

  • Attach the red end of the chain to your vehicle and then attach the second end to the towed vehicle.
  • You can attach the towing chain to itself when no vehicle is in range, making it useful for transportation.
  • You can manually attach the chain by taking it in your hands.
  • The mod supports attaching multiple chains at once.
  • You can even turn on the towed vehicle’s throttle if you need to.
  • The steering mode of the towed vehicle can be set to either auto or manual.
  • You can view all the available chains within your range with their information in the F1 help menu.
  • You can switch between chains when you’re on foot, and move the mounting hook in all directions to fit any vehicle.
  • The mod creates an xml config file in your game folder that allows you to change some parameters.
  • The id of the chain is displayed in the middle of each chain, but it can be turned off in the xml config.
  • The price of the mod is 600 €.

Credits: RedeX01