The AK_Farmland Edition v1.1 Map Mod FS22

The AK_Farmland Edition v1.1 is an updated map mod for Farming Simulator 22 that offers a 4-fold map with 14 large fields and vast expanses of buildable areas without decorations. The map is situated on flat terrain, and it comes with a detailed description alongside a list of mods used, and it will be expanded and refined in the future.

Features of the AK_Farmland Edition v1.1 for FS22

The map comes with various original fill types (weight), pallets, day-night cycle, and plant growth, making it an authentic representation of a farm. Moreover, the mod doesn’t contain any log errors, assuring players of seamless gameplay experience. The mod and images are copyrighted, making editing, reproduction, and re-uploading without the original download link illegal.


The AK_Farmland Edition v1.1 Map Mod for FS22 is powered by Giants Software and AK6070.