Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload v0.4 Trailer Mod FS22

Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload v0.4 FS22

This is a Giants model equipped with a pallets autoloader.

The latest version,, includes an unloading feature.

Version has been completely rewritten for server use. However, the engine still does not move the pallets entirely into the end position; this is a GIANTS error that needs to be resolved.

Version allows for the selection of liquid containers (3) and Euro pallets (8). Additionally, a dedi bug in the binding has been fixed.

The autoloader can load all standard pallets from the main game and six pallets in the first layer. It can then stack them up to a maximum height of 2m, accommodating varying numbers of pallets based on the height of the load.

This is the first version of the autoloader to be developed such that modders can install it in their trailer designs. This implementation is easier than the known autoload from LS19, as modders need only define a loading trigger, loading area trigger, and, depending on whether Giants gets the fixed, possibly still the corner points of the loading area.

Currently, pallet sizes in the Giants engine are incorrectly specified and points of the loading area cannot be read. Therefore, it will take some time until it is ready.

Operation is straightforward – drive parallel to the pallets and press R to load them one after another. Note that the pallets must be strapped down before driving further, otherwise they may slip away. Features still in development include the ability to select pallet size, loading the pallets on the defined loading area with defined loading patterns per pallet size, and unloading the pallets in a predetermined direction (generally to the right or left, initially) Once the mod is complete such that everything necessary can be defined and what is still missing is retrofitted with updates to the autoloader for all trailers using it, it will be published at the ModHub and single mod version will also be made available.

It is strictly prohibited to alter and re-publish this mod, in part or entirety, and such activity will be warned.

Credits: Achimobil