Stop The Stone Picker v1.0 Mod FS22

In Farming Simulator 22, stone collection is an essential process for selling or using them in factories. Although, the use of helpers like the Giants helper or Courseplay makes the process easier, it creates a problem when the stone picker is full. The helpers keep working and ignore the possibility of profit loss.

The Stop The Stone Picker v1.0 FS22 mod offers a solution by stopping the vehicle, either driven by helper or manually, as soon as the picker is full. This allows you to manually unload the stones and the engine keeps running. A notification informs you of the affected vehicle, sending an alert so you don’t have to monitor helpers closely.

With this mod, Giants won’t bring a fix in v1.3, but it ensures your helpers don’t squander your profits. The process speeds up, allowing you to focus on other tasks. So if you want to maximize your profit in FS22, the Stop The Stone Picker v1.0 is the way to go.

The credits for this mod go to sperrgebiet.