Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0 Vehicle Mod FS22

If you are looking for a powerful sports bike that can take you on thrilling rides through challenging mountain bends or the busy streets of a village, the BMW S1000RR v1.0 will not disappoint. This virtual model is a precise replica of a roadworthy powerhouse that the Bavarian Motor Works produced in the second generation (2010-2014). The mod artist, Giovanni Lauffer, has spared no detail in replicating the bike’s unique features.

Thanks to the meticulous work of modder and scripter, Silak_68, who brought the model to life, you can now enjoy hurtling down the LS22 roads on one of the best motorcycles created for the game.

What Makes the BMW S1000RR v1.0 a Must-Have?

If you are a fan of customization, the bike comes in four color choices, including grey/black (matt), blue, green, and red, with or without a cool carbon helmet. The interior view is stunning, featuring an animated dashboard that displays the analogue tachometer, rev limiter light, digital speedometer, fuel gauge, and indicators for turn signals, hazard lights, high beam, time display (in-game time), gear shift display and other essential features that light up when you start the engine. The mirrors on the left and right allow you to keep track of your surroundings as you ride.

When you switch to the third viewing mode, you get a better view of the exterior of the bike. Here, you can see the animated pinion, chain, sprocket, wheels, spokes, tire lettering, front and rear suspension, steering, turn signals, hazard lights, low beam, high beam, LED brake light, LED rear light, license plate, license plate light, heat, and exhaust gas outlet from the exhaust system muffler. You can pick between two types of rims, and the motorcycle tilts naturally in curves. The driver’s position changes when you lean or straighten the bike, adding to the realism.

Performance: Faithful to the Real Original

True to its roadworthy counterpart, the BMW S1000RR v1.0 offers exceptional performance that will leave you breathless. With a maximum speed of 299 KM/H, the bike packs an impressive 142 kW / 193 HP horsepower, and its 16000 RPM limit ensures that it never disappoints. The bike is lightweight at 202 kilograms, and it comes with a 17-liter tank capacity so that you can adventure for longer.


If you want to experience the thrill of a BMW S1000RR v1.0 ride in FS22, you have to give credit where it is due. The author of the 3D model is Giovanni Lauffer, Silak_68 handled the mod, and the bike underwent thorough testing by Silak_68 and Maulwurf63. Maulwurf63 provided a detailed description of the bike that helped us write this article.

Conclusion of the Tester:

If you are looking for a mod that provides an adrenaline rush, the BMW S1000RR v1.0 for FS22 will undoubtedly make it to your top list. The driving experience is exhilarating, the bike’s stability is exceptional, and the fun factor is off the roof. It is almost real, and you will surely enjoy every bit of it.