Small Pallet Storage v0.4 FS22 Object Mod

This article discusses the Small Pallet Storage v0.4 FS22 Object Mod, which is an underground storage system for pallets and bales in Farming Simulator 22.

Overview of Small Pallet Storage v0.4 FS22

The small access area of the Small Pallet Storage v0.4 FS22 mod allows players to easily store and retrieve a variety of pallets and bales. The latest version of this mod has been updated to support correct definition of pallets from other productions and storing of bales.

Users can store everything that is properly defined on pallets and bales in the standard game. The storage can handle up to 5 million items, and production pallets, eggs, honey, lime, and more can be stored. While not everything on the pallet can be stored, most of it can be. Additionally, version 0.4 of the mod includes bales of all types and sizes, which can be relocated as needed.

Important Notes Regarding the Mod

The creator of the mod has requested that it be uploaded only by themselves and that other websites link to the original download link. Uploading, changing, or re-uploading the mod in whole or in part is not allowed.

The included script for pallet swapping can be used freely by anyone, as long as the user is named. However, no further permission is required. Modders using the script should note that only products with properly defined pallets can be stored in the warehouse with the script. The warehouse categories can also be used, which works with mod pallets that are correctly defined.


Credits for the Small Pallet Storage v0.4 FS22 mod go to the Giants modeling and textures teams, as well as Achimobil and braeven for their script and concept. The FEDAction Team contributed to testing the mod.