Small farm silo pack multifruit v1.0 Object Mod FS22

This mod features a small standard farm silo pack that can hold and store all fruits and bulk goods. It is an improved version of the silo found in LS19, which now has the added option of being available with or without a roof. The capacity of this silo is quite impressive, and users can choose to have a capacity with roof of 800000, and without roof of 2000000. Moreover, the unloading process of the silo has been slowed down a bit to create a better user experience by significantly increasing the time it takes to fill up the trailer again.

If you’re interested in purchasing this mod, it comes with a reasonable price tag of €110,000. Additionally, the overloading from the silo to the trailer has been maximized to 280 liters per second.

You don’t need to worry about compatibility, as it can work efficiently with Farming Simulator 22 (FS22). SunnyStar Hinkrieger deserves the credits for the development of this mod.