SaddleTrac Field Shuttle v1.0.0.1 Trailer Mod FS22

Upgrade Your Chopper with SaddleTrac Field Shuttle v1.0.0.1 FS22

If you need a hand unloading your chopper then SaddleTrac Field Shuttle is here to help. This tool makes the process easier and allows you to hand over the load to trailers and other drivers.

New Features in V1.0.0.1
With the enlargement/optimization of the filling opening, you can fill your chopper in no time. The shuttle can be rotated into the 90° working position and be used manually. Tested with AutoDrive, Krone BigX and CLAAS Jaguar are compatible. The upgrade also provides you with accelerated exit when unloading with the “O” key.

Benefits of Field Shuttle
The price of SaddleTrac Field Shuttle is reasonable at 35,700. It boasts a capacity of 25 sqm and is compatible with choppers like Krone and Claas Jaguar. However, it can only be used along with CLAAS SaddleTrac 4200 from the DLC.

The field shuttle can help refuel your chopper and hand over the load to the pickup, such as trailers, semi-trailers, and large transfer vehicles, etc. Don’t worry if the HUD shows “open and close” while the device status is different. This is due to technical reasons.

Credits: Wobby. Upgrade your chopper with SaddleTrac Field Shuttle, now!