RabeWerk G 6-260 v1.0 Implement Mod FS22

The RabeWerk G 6-260 v1.0 is a cultivator mod available for Farming Simulator 22. It comes with a working width of 2.60 meters and a working speed of 15 kph. This cultivator requires a power range of 70-95Hp for efficient functioning. Additionally, it can be converted to a large pipe roller. The price of this mod is 12000 €.

If you are looking for a cultivator for your Farming Simulator 22, the RabeWerk G 6-260 v1.0 mod is a great choice. With its impressive working width and speed, it can help you save time and increase your efficiency in the field. Furthermore, the option to convert it to a large pipe roller gives you the ability to customize it to your specific needs.

This mod was created by a team of developers including Rohna/schlueterfan1977, Fabian/Gogobear, modelleicher, and Luca/. Their hard work and dedication have resulted in a great addition to the Farming Simulator 22 community.

If you are a fan of farming simulation games, you should definitely consider downloading the RabeWerk G 6-260 v1.0 mod for FS22. It is a great tool to help you improve your farming game and take your virtual farming experience to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the mod today and start cultivating your fields like a pro!

Credits: Rohna/schlueterfan1977, Fabian/Gogobear, modelleicher, and Luca/.