Production Pack v1.5.1 Object Mod FS22

The Production Pack v1.5.1 for FS22 introduces new features to improve the gameplay experience. The latest update, version 1.5.1, has made changes to the trigger for the debris at the greenhouses, making it even better for players.

What’s New in Version 1.5.0?

Version 1.5.0 of the Production Pack has rewritten the original Giants slurry bearing to create a lime production. The input required for this production process is water, and the output is lime. The hotspot icons for productions have also been changed to enable the players to locate them with ease.

Included in the Production Pack

The following object mods are included in the Production Pack:

  • FS22_Food_All_In_One
  • FS22_Food_All_In_One_V2
  • FS22_Forage_All_In_One
  • FS22_Forage_All_In_One_V2
  • FS22_Kalkherstellung
  • FS22_Kalkherstellung_V2
  • FS22_Kalkherstellung_V3
  • FS22_Kalkherstellung_V4
  • FS22_greenhouseLarge
  • FS22_greenhouseMedium
  • FS22_greenhouseSmall

With these object mods, players can enhance their gaming experience and increase their productivity levels.


The Production Pack was developed by Giants and modified by Switty. The modell, texture, and script were all created by Giants, while the idea and concept were developed by Switty. Switty also tested the Production Pack to ensure its effectiveness in the game.