Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor v1.0.0.2 Implement Mod FS22

If you’re looking for a high-performance implement for your Farming Simulator 22, Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor v1.0.0.2 is an excellent option to consider. This implement is equipped with an antechamber making it easier to operate, even for beginners.

Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor v1.0.0.2 for FS22 Specifications

The implement comes with a working speed of 17 km/h, and a power requirement of 130 hp. It costs €78,500, which is reasonable considering its high performance and ease-of-use.

What makes it even better is that it has mulicolor main color, rims, and a bale wrapper. You can also choose your preferred theme, thanks to its Pöttinger design that has been revised to give you a more personalized experience as you use it in your farm.

Another great feature of Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor v1.0.0.2 is that its width can be selected while driving. This means that you have the freedom to choose from 6.3m, 5.6m, 5.0m, 4.4m, and 3.9m depending on your needs.


The mod comes with several changelogs that have been made to further optimize its performance, including:

  • Winding animation Optimization
  • Throttled variable speed a little with grass
  • Light fix for rotating beacon, all side lights, and rear lights
  • Changed pre-chamber bale rotation
  • XML and mod folders cleaned up and optimized
  • Test runner optimized

These changes make this implement even more efficient than before, ensuring that it performs to the best of its ability.


The Pöttinger Fast Bale Multicolor v1.0.0.2 mod for FS22 Implements was developed by Giants and Teufels_Drache Modding. We appreciate their efforts in developing this high-quality implement.