Pepsicola Production V1.0 Object Mod FS22

The Pepsicola Production V1.0 mod for FS22 allows players to produce PepsiCola in-game. However, to produce this soft drink, you need to plant sugar.

Pepsicola Production V1.0 for Farming Simulator 22

This mod is a perfect addition for those who want to have a more dynamic farming experience in FS22. By producing PepsiCola, you can diversify your in-game business and increase your profits.

In order to produce Pepsicola, you have to plant sugar crop. Once grown, it can be used as feedstock for the Pepsicola production. This adds another level of complexity and strategy to the game if you decide to embark on producing a carbonated beverage.

The mod is compatible with the latest version of Farming Simulator 22 and was created by Giants, TheSnake, and others. With this mod, you can make your farm’s soda production journey thrilling and exciting.


We would like to thank Giants, TheSnake, and others for creating this mod and making Farming Simulator 22 even more engaging!