Papenburger Map v1.0.0.5 Map Mod FS22

The Papenburger Map v1.0.0.5 for Farming Simulator 22 is an exciting new mod created by Jimkerk. While the map is not yet finalized, it offers a range of features that make it an excellent addition to the game. The map is 4-fold and includes 96 fields ranging from 1 to 87 hectares of arable land, grassland, and forests. Additionally, there are extensive field and path systems, over 200,000 trees, and plenty of free space for farms and productions. Basic supplies are available at main points of sale, including a grain mill, granary, baker, cheese factory, dairy, and sawmill. There are also 119 plots of hectares priced at 25000€.

The latest version, v1.0.0.5, has fixed the issue of all ground textures being paintable once again, and the shop symbol is now included.

While no launch vehicles are included, Jimkerk promises regular updates in the coming weeks and months. The path system splines for the car helper allow for free travel, although it is not yet perfected. Some small warnings are present, but the map has undergone extensive testing and runs flawlessly. Should you come across any issues, please contact Jimkerk with a picture and the coordinates.

Enjoy exploring the Papenburger Map v1.0.0.5 for FS22 and watch out for future updates.

Credits: Jimkerk