One crop meridian silo v1.0 Building Mod FS22

Introducing the One Crop Meridian Silo v1.0 for FS22, a building mod that allows you to store only one type of crop per silo. This mod is designed to simplify the process of managing crops and storing them in a more organized manner.

Improved Crop Management

The One Crop Meridian Silo v1.0 is a game-changing mod that makes crop storage and management more efficient. With this mod, you can easily store a specific type of crop in one silo, allowing you to manage your stock more effectively. This means that you don’t have to waste time and effort sorting through different types of crops when you need to harvest or sell them.

Moreover, the One Crop Meridian Silo v1.0 is designed with simplicity in mind. This mod is easy to use, and it doesn’t require any complicated setup or installation processes. All you need to do is add the mod to your FS22 game and start using it right away.


Special thanks to Demongaming for creating this fantastic One Crop Meridian Silo mod for FS22.