Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2 Map Mod FS22

In this article, we introduce the Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2 for FS22, a new and exciting map that offers a lot of features and possibilities for farming enthusiasts.

Welcome to the North March!

If you’re looking for a new map to explore in Farming Simulator 22, the Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2 might be just what you need. Version has been released, and you can now set up fences to protect your crops and animals.

As of now, there is a small issue with the map where the main courtyard can only be used in single-player mode. However, everything on Hof2 and the LU courtyard can be used in multiplayer mode.

With the Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2, you can enjoy a sheep pasture for the main courtyard and a cow pasture for farm2. The map also includes BGA1 and BGA2, water points, greenhouses, and production facilities.

Explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the North March while utilizing the many features of the Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2. In case of any issues, please feel free to reach out to the creators.

Greetings: LS Schleswig Holstein

AD courses for LS22 Nordermarsch
AutoDrive courses for the “Nordermarsch”. Even broken in, not yet complete.

The main courtyard can be found at the starting point.

LS Schleswig Holstein

Overall, the Nordermarsch Map v1.1.2 for FS22 is a great addition to any farming game enthusiast’s collection. With its unique features and beautiful surroundings, it offers a new and exciting experience that players can enjoy for hours.