NeverLand Map v1.6 FS22 Map Mod

Welcome back to my NeverLand Map!

Discover NeverLand Map v1.6 FS22

In this version, I have removed the Shop Flags Colli and adjusted the traffic to enhance your gaming experience.

The map features 22 fields, 3 forests, and vast open spaces with acres of meadows, making it perfect for agricultural activities. You’ll also find 6 points of sale, over 50 purchasable spaces, 2 villages, 2 gas stations, and plenty of decorations to create an immersive environment.
Moreover, the map has a large starting fleet, including star fields and an empty yard area for customization.

While the current version has plenty of features, I’m working on adding more, such as traffic, pedestrians and lights, so stay tuned.

As with any complex project, there are some known bugs, such as AI plants being the same fruit, but we are working on a solution.

I hope you enjoy playing on the NeverLand Map v1.6, and don’t forget to send me feedback or bug reports.
Happy farming!


Modell: FarmerTV_Oli5464, Textur: FarmerTV_Oli5464, Script: FarmerTV_Oli5464, Idee / Konzept: FarmerTV_Oli5464, Tester: FarmerTV_Oli5464, Sonstige: FarmerTV_Oli5464.