NeverLand Map v1.5 FS22 Map Mod

If you’re excited to try out a new map mod for FS22, you’ll want to check out the NeverLand Map v1.5. This latest version includes changes that make it even better to play.

What’s New in Version 1.5

The update includes newly installed advertising signs, changed road textures, and more decoration. Additionally, purchase points at the depot and storage are now installed, and placeables xml is included for customization.


The NeverLand Map v1.5 has 22 fields, 3 forests, acres of meadows, and lots of open spaces. Additionally, there are 6 points of sale, over 50 purchasable spaces, 2 villages, and 2 gas stations. With many decorative elements, such as star fields and large fleets for an empty yard area, you’ll have plenty to explore and experience.

Upcoming Additions

In the future, you can look forward to traffic, pedestrians, and lights being added to the map.

Known Issues

One known issue is that the AI will plant all fields with the same fruit. The solution for this problem is still being searched.

We hope you have fun exploring the NeverLand Map version 1.5! Greetings from FarmerTV_Oli5464 who modeled, textured, scripted, and designed it (as well as tested it).

Modell: FarmerTV_Oli5464 Textur: FarmerTV_Oli5464 Script: FarmerTV_Oli5464 Idee / Konzept: FarmerTV_Oli5464 Tester: FarmerTV_Oli5464 Sonstige: FarmerTV_Oli5464