Mulcher TMC Cancela tpn140 V1.0 Implement Mod FS22

The Mulcher TMC Cancela tpn140 is an essential tool for vineyard owners, and this V1.0 implement mod for FS22 offers an improved working width of 3m to make working in vineyards even easier.

Enhanced Working Width for Better Vineyard Operations

Thanks to the increased working width of the Mulcher TMC Cancela tpn140 implement mod, farmers can achieve better vineyard operations without any hassle. It is perfect for mulching or mowing vineyards efficiently and quickly, saving valuable time and effort.

Improved Farming Experience

This implement mod offers a significantly improved farming experience for FS22 users, enhancing their productivity and farm operations with ease. The Mulcher TMC Cancela tpn140 is a vital tool for vineyard farmers, and its upgraded features will be highly beneficial.


The Mulcher TMC Cancela tpn140 implement mod has been developed with the hard work of a team of experts. The credits for this V1.0 mod go to Gians for the model and texture, Gians and Falk66 for the script, and Falk66 for the idea and testing.