MetalTech Tandem pack v1.1 Trailer Mod FS22

The MetalTech Tandem pack v1.1 for FS22 has been updated with new features and improvements. The new version has fixed bugs with textures, added new wheels, and an updated icon and store image. The pack includes several trailers with varying capacities and prices. Each trailer has a unique capacity and price, starting at 9500 € for the TB 6.

The trailer capacities vary from 8000/15400 l for the TB 6, to 29000/44000 l for the TB 20 Premium. These trailers are versatile and can transport loose materials, silage, pallets, and bales. The sides can be removed to increase the usable space for pallets and bales.

The MetalTech Tandem pack v1.1 for FS22 was created by Agro kacpi, Młody98, and MrZixon.