MAN TGM 15.293 AUTOLOAD V2.0.1 Truck Mod FS22

The MAN TGM 15.293 AUTOLOAD V2.0.1 is a unique truck mod designed for Farming Simulator 22 that has several features to enhance your gaming experience. The mod is fitted with a Palletautoload function, making it easy to load pallets on the platform. To use this feature, you’ll need to have the Palletautoload Specialization MOD installed.

The mod has several updates, with version fixing the front license plate. The version update made significant changes to the mod, including fixing errors, adding adjustable air suspension, and modifying the deck’s collision. Additionally, working lights and license plates were added, and the engine torque adjusted to make it more realistic. Moreover, the mod creator made visual changes to the model and added ALU loading ramps as a separate mod.

The v1.0.1.0 update also made some significant improvements, such as fixing errors in the log, adding front mudguards, extending and modifying the chassis, adjusting the tension belts’ position, making visual changes, and changing the transmission into manual.

The mod was created by LesiTheDogg, who deserves credit for such an excellent design.