Making Farming Sim Easier v1.0 Pack Mod FS22

The Farming Simulator can be a challenging and rewarding experience for players. However, some may find it difficult to keep up with the demanding tasks required to run a successful farm. If you are one of those players, then the Making Farming Sim Easier v1.0 Pack Mod FS22 is here to help.

What’s in the Making Farming Sim Easier v1.0 FS22 Pack

This mod series aims to simplify the farming and transportation processes in the game. The mod creator has edited the XMLs to make Farming Simulator 22 more accessible and manageable for players.


  • Added a super combine to harvest crops with ease
  • Added a super tractor to help with heavy-duty tasks
  • Added a 100-meter cultivator to prepare fields quickly
  • Added a 100-meter plow to help players easily plant their crops
  • Added a 100-meter seeder that allows for efficient and fast planting
  • Added a 100-meter header for easier crop collection
  • Added a 5000000 capacity trailer for transporting bulky goods

This mod pack can really help players save time and effort in managing their farms in Farming Simulator 22.

Credits: Carl-TG