Magnum AFS Connect Series v1.5 Tractor Mod FS22

The Magnum AFS Connect Series v1.5 is a new modification available for Farming Simulator 22, designed to improve and enhance the overall gameplay experience. This updated version includes a sound fix, making the tractor sound more realistic than ever before.

Improved Performance

This mod has a range of features, with the most notable being its upgraded horsepower of 550 to 730. Additionally, it supports multicolor customization options and has a maximum speed of 70 KM/H, making it one of the fastest tractors in the game.


This mod was developed by Nico, who created the model, textures, and scripts. The idea and concept for this modification also came from Nico. The mod was tested by Nico before being finalized, and any other additional requirements were provided by Nico.