Machine Shed v1.0 FS22 Object Mod

Are you a fan of Farming Simulator 22? Do you struggle with finding the space to store your farming equipment? Then look no further because we present to you the new Machine Shed v1.0 FS22. This mod is perfect for agricultural enthusiasts who want to keep their equipment organized and protected from the elements.

Specifications of Machine Shed v1.0 FS22

The Machine Shed v1.0 FS22 is a vast and spacious shed with a base area of 40m x 15m. It is reasonably priced at €24,000, making it an affordable solution for your machinery storage needs. Moreover, its easy-to-maintain design features a minimal daily upkeep cost of only €10 per day.

If you are worried about the mod’s functionality, rest assured that it’s everything you need to enhance your farming simulation experience! It is adequately equipped to shelter and safeguard your farming equipment effectively, sparing you from the hassle of finding new space or losing crucial equipment to weather exposure.

In conclusion, if you’re an avid Farming Simulator 22 player and want a convenient way to store your equipment, the Machine Shed v1.0 FS22 is a fantastic mod that you should not miss!