Lizard Field Bin v1.0 FS22 Mod

The Lizard Field Bin v1.0 for FS22 is a stationary trailer designed for the efficient transhipment and storage of grains, with an air system for convenient transportation. This mod is a must-have for farmers who need a reliable and efficient way of handling grains.

The mod comes with different color configurations to choose from, allowing users to customize the trailer to their preferences. Its impressive features and functionality make it stand out from other mods.

To use this mod, a power of 110 HP is required. Its price is reasonable, costing only $24000, while it can hold up to 30000 L of grains. This makes it an affordable option that can save farmers money in the long run.

The Lizard Field Bin v1.0 FS22 mod was made by SleutjesModding. They did an excellent job at creating a mod that is user-friendly and easy to use, making the trailer a top choice for farmers.