Liebherr 538 v2.0 Forklifts & Excavators Mod FS22

If you’re playing Farming Simulator 22, you might want to consider using the Liebherr 538 v2.0 mod for your forklifts and excavators. It comes with some improvements that will make your farming experience even better!

Liebherr 538 v2.0 FS22

The updated version – 2.0 – comes with some fixes that will enhance your overall gameplay. One fix includes decal adjustments, while another includes a steering wheel fix. Additionally, there is a rim color fix.

As far as technical specs go, this mod has 106 horsepower, weighs 9 tons, and is priced at 114.500€. The Liebherr 538 v2.0 FS22 also has various tire configuration options, as well as rim color options.

If you’re interested in using this mod, the credits go to [HB]Chico1101 and Giants.