La Campagne 30T v2.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The La Campagne 30T v2.0 FS22 trailer mod is a useful resource for players of the game who need to transport materials around their virtual farms. It boasts some impressive features and characteristics that make it worth consideration.

Key Characteristics of the La Campagne 30T v2.0 FS22 Trailer Mod

The key characteristics of this trailer mod include:

  • A price of €45,000
  • A capacity of 30,000 L
  • The choice between Trelleborg (3) or Michelin (1) tires

If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient trailer mod that can transport a large amount of materials in one go, this is definitely a good option to consider.

Updates and Changes in Version

The latest version of the La Campagne 30T trailer mod comes with some notable updates and changes, including:

  • The addition of wheels with hubs
  • Modified capacity and price
  • “Warnings” are still present, but the mod is fully playable
  • Fixes for minor bugs present in the previous version

With these updates, the La Campagne 30T trailer mod is even more functional and user-friendly than before.


The creation of this useful trailer mod is attributed to The Crazy Mod, Ls_Modding_Pic-s_by_Dorian, and fj_tracfarm. Thanks to their hard work, Farming Simulator 22 players can enjoy a more efficient and convenient gameplay experience.