KUHN DELTIS 1302 MTA3 v1.0 Implement Mod FS22

The KUHN DELTIS 1302 MTA3 v1.0 is now available as an implement mod for Farming Simulator 22. It offers great features to enhance your gaming experience.

Specifications of KUHN DELTIS 1302 MTA3 v1.0 FS22

For a price of 30,000 €, you get a working width of 21.0 m and a maximum working speed of 12 kph. KUHN, a well-known manufacturer in the game, has developed this sprayer as a great addition to the sprayers category.

Farming Simulator 22 players can now add the KUHN DELTIS 1302 MTA3 v1.0 Mod to their collection to experience the improved and modified farming tools.


The creator of this mod is madarHR who deserves all the credits for adding another amazing sprayer to the vast collection of mods in Farming Simulator 22.