Krampe SB3060 Multi (60-200) v1.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The Krampe SB3060 Multi (60-200) v1.0 trailer mod for FS22 is now available. It was also present in LS19 and has been re-added to LS22. The latest version comes with an increased capacity and a color selection option, ranging from 60000L to 200000L. Not only that, but the weight of the load has been adjusted as well as the maintenance interval.

With the Krampe SB3060 Multi (60-200) v1.0 trailer mod, users can have a better and smoother transportation experience. The additional features and upgrades ensure that the trailer is now capable of carrying a much larger amount of load, which can save time and effort in the long run.

The credit for the trailer mod goes to Gaints and Toni for developing and designing such an amazing product.