Krampe HP20 v1.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The Krampe HP20 v1.0 is a trailer mod available for Farming Simulator 22. This basic trailer comes with some slight modifications that make it a useful tool for transporting goods throughout the game. It is a great addition to your farming equipment for its versatility, durability and customization options.

Features of Krampe HP20 v1.0 FS22

The Krampe HP20 v1.0 trailer comes with some options that enhance its use:

  • Reversing lights
  • Beacon light
  • Customizable colors

The trailer has a reasonable capacity of 18500L, making it a great option for transporting goods.

Specifications of Krampe HP20 v1.0

The Krampe HP20 v1.0 trailer has the following characteristics:

  • Price: €36,000
  • Capacity: 18500L

These characteristics make the trailer an affordable and reliable piece of equipment for your farm.

If you are looking for a basic trailer that can be slightly modified to meet your specific needs, the Krampe HP20 v1.0 is a great option.


The Krampe HP20 v1.0 trailer mod for FS22 was developed by AlexisOriginalteam/Giant Software.