Kolonia Map LS22 Mods Download v1.1

Welcome to the Kolonia!

Kolonia Map LS22 Mods Free Download v1.1 – Latest Update

The Kolonia Map has been revamped and updated from FS19 to FS22 with new terrain features that enhance gameplay and aesthetics. The buildings on the map have been adapted to meet the latest standards in FS22. Although it may appear somewhat different, the map still resembles its predecessor.

The new update, version, comes with a variety of improvements, bug fixes, and aesthetic changes. Overlapping objects have been corrected, and the purchase market has been improved to make it more user-friendly. The straw on cows has also been improved, and the collision on the machine shop has been corrected.

Other additions include new possibilities for entering neighbors, icons on the purchase “WS Kolonia,” kneaded stubble, colored lights during winter holidays, and new trees to place on the map. There are also new plants to paint, cobblestones to paint, and the map has been optimized for better performance. The map has also been adjusted for consoles.

On the map, players will find two cow farms, 94 fields (including 6 grass meadows), 137 farmlands, biogas plants, forests, and 5 sales points (including one train). There is also a purchase point for stone and lime, diversified land, and a New Holland machinery dealer. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to build their own farm on fields 10 and 11. The map also features new color shades, and players can expect to find 100 hidden toys.

Please note that two modifications containing the building pack are required for the map to work properly.