John Deere 437D Delimber v1.0 Forestry Mod FS22

The John Deere 437D Delimber v1.0 for FS22 is a powerful machine that allows you to easily remove tree branches from trees that have been cut down using a feller buncher or chainsaw. Here are some key features of this mod:

  • It has claws that grab onto the bottom of the tree, then the tree is placed into the delimber where the claws close to remove the branches.
  • The delimber comes with a saw placed on the back that enables you to cut the tree to your desired length.
  • The maximum trees size that can be processed with this machine is 25m.
  • It only delimbs when the claws are closed.
  • You can see the current length of the tree to be cut in the F1 menu and inside the display.
  • It has an option to enable automatic grab head rotation when delimbing.
  • There are numerous controls that can be set in your controls settings, including turning the saw on with KEY_b and turning on/off automatic head rotation with KEY_v.

The John Deere 437D Delimber v1.0 for FS22 is priced at 325000 € and has a power of 280 HP. It also has a maximum reach of 10 m.

If you are looking for an efficient way to delim trees, this mod is a great choice. Credits go to kenny456 and JDL Logging for creating this useful mod.