John Deere 4045 v1.0 Vehicle Mod FS22

Get ready to experience the upgraded version of the John Deere 4045, now available for FS22. This vehicle mod has been converted from FS19 and is error-free, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

The John Deere 4045 comes equipped with Spreader Box and Sprayer attachments, making it perfect for various farming tasks. Whether you need to spread seeds or fertilize your crops, this mod will come in handy.

What sets this mod apart is its compatibility with FS22, giving you access to the latest features and updates. With its improved functionalities, you can enjoy a more efficient and seamless farming experience.

Revamped Features

The John Deere 4045 v1.0 FS22 comes with several new features that make it a must-have for any farmer. You can now enjoy upgraded mechanics, smoother handling, and quicker processing times. Plus, the Spreader Box and Sprayer attachments have been optimized for better performance.

Overall, this mod is a game-changer for farming in FS22. Its advanced features help streamline your work, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing and harvesting your crops.


This mod was converted to FS22 by ooTheMan. All other credits for this mod belong to the original authors.