How to build buildings In Farming Simulator 22?

On this tutorial you can find tips on constructing buildings and shaping the land in Farming Simulator 22.

In Farming Simulator 22, building a variety of structures is possible. This guide page will instruct you on building new buildings and factories and modifying the terrain to your preference.

  1. Building mode
  2. Removing buildings
  3. Terrain modification

How to build buildings In Farming Simulator 22 1

1. Building Mode

To build farmhouses, animal pens, silos, and factories in Farming Simulator 22, use Build Mode.

First, open the shopping menu (P by default) and select the last item on the left, then choose Construction from the new menu. Activating the build mode map allows you to rotate/move the camera by holding the left mouse button and to rotate the object using the right mouse button.

Buildings are categorized into various subcategories, and a brief description of each building’s features is displayed in the lower right corner. A faster build mode can also be accessed by pressing Shift+P.

How to build buildings In Farming Simulator 22 2

2. Removing buildings

In Farming Simulator 22, you can only place buildings on your own plots that have a moderate or flat curvature. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a fee to level the terrain. It’s important to ensure that the buildings don’t interfere with fields, other objects, or plants. To simplify work with buildings and goods deliveries, it’s recommended to place them apart from each other on the flattest terrain possible.

3. Terrain modification

How to build buildings In Farming Simulator 22 3

In the Build Mode, access the Landscaping tab to modify the terrain by leveling, lowering, raising, and changing its texture. Adjust the brush size with M/N keys.

Note that payment is for the time spent working on the terrain, regardless of the result – costs accrue when holding down LMB, even if no changes are made.