How Fertilizing Works – FS22

Today, we will present you with the essential information regarding fertilizers. Let’s explore the topic in detail.

How Fertilizing Works – Guide

In order to maximize your crop yield, it is advisable to fertilize your crops at least once during each cycle. It is possible to fertilize each crop twice, however, there must be a growth stage between both applications. For instance, you can fertilize the first time after planting, and the second time after the crops have begun to sprout.

There are two exemptions to this rule:

Exception #1: Grass can only be fertilized once rather than twice.

Exception #2: If you use manure and slurry as fertilizers, you can activate the double application rate, which allows you to achieve full fertilization with only one application. However, this must be done at half the speed.

Types of Fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizing your fields, there are several options available to you. The type of fertilizer you choose will determine the machinery you need to apply it.

Solid fertilizer is perfect for use with fertilizer spreaders, which are the cheapest option in the beginning. Purchasing a low-tier spreader will save you money compared to buying a sprayer. You can buy solid fertilizer in Bigbag Pallets or individual Bigbags.

If you prefer liquid fertilizer, then sprayers are the way to go. You can find liquid fertilizer in tanks in the “pallets” section of the shop.

If you have cows and pigs, you can also use their waste products to fertilize your fields. Slurry is produced from their waste and stored in an underground tank. To use slurry as fertilizer, you need a slurry tank attached to your tractor.

Manure is another waste product from cows and pigs that can be used as fertilizer. It’s available from the manure pit in their pasture, but you need to provide them with straw bedding and fresh water to produce it. Manure is applied using a manure spreader.

You can also obtain digestate, a free byproduct of selling manure or silage at the biogas plant, which can be applied as fertilizer using a slurry tanker.

Finally, catch crops are another option to fertilize your fields. Oilseed radish is an excellent crop for one stage of fertilization, but it can’t be harvested. When fully grown, you can cultivate over the oilseed, which fertilizes the soil. Then, you can plant your regular crop.

Remember, using manure, slurry, and digestate as fertilizers can save you money compared to store-bought options, as they are byproducts of animal husbandry.

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