HOLMER Sugarbeet Pack v1.1.0.1 Harvester Mod FS22

If you’re looking for a comprehensive sugarbeet package, you’re in luck. This mod includes all the LS19 devices that you need for the job.

What’s new?
– Fixed indoorcam on Terra Dos T4-40
– Fixed outdoorcam on Terra Variant
– Added seatcam support
– New items: HOLMER Terra Variant 585 & 650, HOLMER Multibunker 35 with three different fill volumes (35m³, 37m³ & 40m³)

This mod was created by someone with a clear favorite beet harvester: the Terra Dos. So, they decided to create the entire package. They spent a significant amount of time testing and fixing bugs. If you discover any bugs, offer criticism, or have requests, please let them know. Since this is their first mod, they may have overlooked some items.

If you want to host this mod on another website, please provide a link to the original download instead of uploading it elsewhere. Thank you. If you create your own mod based on this one, please give them credit.

– HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40
– HOLMER HR12 Trailer
– HOLMER Terra Felis 3
– HOLMER Terra Variant 585 & 650
– HOLMER Multibunker MB 35

Fun Fact:
The Terra Variant 650 engine configuration was not included in LS19, so the mod creator added an appropriate decal. The Multibunker has different volume configurations, but no pictures of a MB35 with a 40m³ extension could be found on the internet. So, textures remain the same.

That’s all from this mod creator. Enjoy!

Created and copyrighted by Crasch551.
All rights reserved by GIANTS Software GmbH.