Guidance Steering v2.1.1 Mod FS22

The Guidance Steering mod in FS22 is a helpful tool that enables you to set up tracks accurately and quickly for field applications. It offers different methods to create tracks, which simplifies the steering angle calculation, making your work more efficient.

The mod has undergone several improvements and updates, including changelog, which resolved the issue of not creating A+B tracks through the UI. Changelog added a new snap-to-direction guidance strategy, an option to toggle between dotted lines and normal lines, and fixed several bugs, including loading the GPS module from savegame on mission vehicles, reverse driving target direction, and width calculation for combines. The mod also improved translations and fixed out-of-bounds offsets leading to guidance zigzag.

To enable the Guidance Steering feature, press left ALT+C, and access the menu by pressing left CTRL+S. The A+heading method only requires you to enter the desired steering angle while the AB point method requires you to setup two points, A and B, to calculate the steering angle. For additional information on using the mod, you can access the README on the Github repository.

Credits to Wopster for the Guidance Steering mod FS22.