Goddenstedt Map v1.4 Map Mod FS22

The Goddenstedt Map v1.4 is now available for FS22. The latest version comes with several changes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. One of the key changes is that vehicles can now be sold without any issues, unlike in the previous version.

Changelog for Goddenstedt Map v1.4 for FS22

Below are the changes that have been made in this version:

  • Removed invisible collisions
  • Installed Season Deco
  • Fixed and rebuilt BGA
  • Adjusted farmland
  • Expanded dealer gates to the street
  • Added German license plates
  • Added map border
  • Adjusted the collisions from footpaths

In the last three days, I have been using an older version of the map in LS22. Even though there might be various errors in the two messages that come from BGA, I still wanted to make the old textures available to play in multiplayer. The map contains various outlets and BGA.

I have also installed cowshed at the farm and pig farm, with some sharp placements specifically on the map. Buildings within the map can only be accessed if you own the land. Additionally, both traffic and pedestrians are obstructed. As no official release was made, BGA MW has been removed.

Please provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to enable me to decide on future versions. I hope you have fun playing the game with the new map version.

Credits:The Gamers Altmark, Maik, Ur Mapper, Holger, and Uelzen.