GMC Suburban 1989 v.2.1 Car Mod FS22

If you’re looking for a new car mod to add to your Farming Simulator 22, check out the GMC Suburban 1989 v.2.1 mod! The updates in its latest version make it an even more worthwhile addition:

  • Update V2.1: The wheel configuration has been fixed, thanks to Chata Modding.
  • Update V2.0: Fixes include adjustments to wear and tear.
  • New features: This version includes animated front axle, dynamic suspension, new tires and rims, updated sound, more color options, lighting, and other minor fixes and improvements.

With a price of 15 000 € and 130-210 horsepower, this mod offers a lot of customizable configurations:

  • Base color
  • Design color
  • Interior color
  • Rim color
  • Engine
  • Bumpers
  • Bullbar
  • Bug guard
  • Plates (placement)
  • Animations
  • All doors, trunk, and bonnet
  • Interior animations like pedals, gear stick, levelers, and more

The mod also features custom wear, dirt, tension belts, and license plates. Keep in mind, this mod will receive future updates, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the GMC Suburban 1989 v.2.1 mod and elevate your Farming Simulator 22 game!


AgroTron Modding Dynamic Suspension and Retro Mods.